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Highlights from Lala 1 2016

The freebie was an “Akagami no Shirayukihime” Schedule Book. There were no new series, but Hitsuji Harumi’s “Twin Role” moved from Lala DX and debuted in this issue of Lala. Here are the color front pages: What I read: Oneshot: Doku no Musume to Sekigan no Tsurugi (The Poisoned Girl and the One-Eyed Swordsman) (Summary from Twitter) Basically a skilled

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Highlights from Betsuma Issue 3/2015

“Rere Hello” is on the cover of Betsuma this month. Volume 6 of this series releases in Japan on February 25th. The furoku are an “Ao Haru Ride” medium-sized clear file and “Moi” issue 13, which contains 4 oneshots. Here’s what I read: Here are the summaries Tweets for both: (Haru_Niwa_Tweets) (Sora_wo_Kakeru_Chp_6_Tweets) Mini Review of “Haru Niwa”: Art A: It

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Highlights from Petite Princess Issue 2/2015

Petite Princess is a bi-monthly publication that contains both series and oneshots. The content generally straddles the line between shoujo and josei, with a couple of very young skewing shoujos and usually 2 or 3 smutty selections. The stories are generally high school, college, and young office lady romances with no fantasy elements, except for the occasional talking animal. Petite

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Highlights from Betsucomi Issue 2/2015

Kanako Sakurakouji’s new series “Seirou Opera” (“Brothel Opera”) is on the cover of the February 2015 issue of Betsucomi. The furoku is the “Bitter and Sweet Emotion” collection of oneshots. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, there are 5 oneshots that involve chocolate candy. There are also some short gag mangas too. Here is the index page for this issue:

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