Monthly Archives: August 2009

Manga Review: Beauty Pop

I just finishing re-reading “Beauty Pop” because it came to mind that it was similar to Ouran High School Host Club — and, indeed it is. but without the twins. Kiri is =_= like Haruhi, Naru is the clueless crown prince with a mischievous father like Tamaki, Ochiai is the seemingly heartless megane shadow king like Kyouya, Kei is very

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Sushi Chef Apprenticeships

Here a link to a great write-up on the life of a sushi chef apprentice from the Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen newsletter. Link It made me think about the possible lack of training some of the sushi chefs may have had at some of my local sushi restaurants. Hahahaha!!! I think in the state of CA, there a 6 -12-mo training

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