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What I Recently Read — "Futari no Renai Shoka" Volume 1 by YamazakiKore

Title: Futari no Renai Shoka (ふたりの恋愛書架) (“Their Love Bookshelf”) Mangaka: Yamazaki Kore (ヤマザキコレ) Publisher/ Publication: Houbunsha / Manga Time Kirara Forward ISBN: 9784832242616 Purchase: Amazon JP / YesAsia Synopsis: Kanako is a free spirited lonely women who lives in and runs a used bookstore, and Akio is a lonely young man who loves books. The two meet at a swap

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What I’ve Read Recently — Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin: Activation

Title: Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin: ActivationArtists/Authors: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, Yoshiyuki Tomino, Hajime Yatate, Kunio OkawaraISBN: 9781935654872Purchase: Amazon US / Barnes and Noble First Impression:  This book has been sitting on my shelf for a while. I’ve been avoiding this because I feared the old style artwork would turn me off and I know I have trouble following action in seinen

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What I Recently Read — "Mikado Boy" Volume 1 by Riko Miyagi

I’ve decided to start writing reviews of the Japanese language manga I’ve been reading. I used to write synopsis years ago, but I received some complaints because readers could not read the content in English themselves either because the title was not licensed or scanlated. However, now I feel there are a significant number of readers who are learning Japanese

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