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Predictions and Wishlist for Shoujo Manga in 2016

あd First, I’ll go over the predictions for 2015. Back to 2015 Predictions Cooking/Baking/Domesticated Male series continue debuting. [Yep! The trend escalated!] More “Vampire Knight” comic and light novel spinoffs as Hakusensha struggles to find a new flagship series for Lala. “Shuriken Pleats” will end or morph into a thinly veiled “Vampire Knight” clone. [Wow! Nailed it!] “Urakata” will morph

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2015 Shoujo Retrospective and Trends

I’ve been trying to organize this post into something, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. So… get ready for some more rambling. This post will only be about Japanese language shoujo manga. I’ll start with some shoujo magazine news that caught my eye in 2015. Series Moves: “Pochamani” moved from bi-monthly Hana to Yume to monthly Betsuhana. “Seiten

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