Highlights from Hana to Yume Issue 1/5/2015

Hana_to_Yume_199“Namaikizakari” is on the cover of the New Year’s issue of Hana to Yume. The furoku is the usual All-Stars Calendar. Here are my favorite images from that calendar.

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If you want you own copy of this calendar to hang on your wall, there are still copies of this issue of Hana to Yume available from Amazon JP (LINK). I will be using this calendar for 2015 instead of buying my usual Hello Kitty calendar. The calendar is too pretty not to use.

Next up is are some color pages dedicated to New Year’s illustration from your favorite Hana to Yume mangaka. Click on the images to see them larger.

Hana_to_Yume_200 Hana_to_Yume_201Here are the color frontis pages from some of the series in the magazine. (Click to see bigger images)

Here are the oneshots in this issue.

I haven’t read “Christmas Revelation” yet, but I did read and live Tweet (@KuronekoOO3) “The Sword of Chandra”. Here’s is a PDF of the session. Start from the bottom of the last page and work your way up. (I apologize for the typos.)


There is an obituary for Rou Soutsuka the mangaka who gave us “Boukyaku no Shirushi to Hime”. She passed away on October 16th. Volume 6 of the series will be released on December 19th and volume 7 on February 20. I intend to buy the remaining volumes to complete my collection.

Hana_to_Yume_210And lastly the previews for Hana to Yume Issue 2 (1/20/2015)

Hana_to_Yume_203 Hana_to_Yume_212Yuki Shiwasu’s “Takane to Hana” is getting serialized. This is a series about a middle-schooler or a high-schooler (???) who’s betrothed to a 20-something guy. She’s a little spitfire who happens to be rich, but you’d never know it because she tomboy. I read the first oneshot sometime ago and I remember enjoying it. I’m happy that it’s getting serialized. I can’t wait to get the tankoubon so I can reread the beginning again.

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