Highlights from Betsuma Issue 3/2015

Betsuma_201503096“Rere Hello” is on the cover of Betsuma this month. Volume 6 of this series releases in Japan on February 25th.

The furoku are an “Ao Haru Ride” medium-sized clear file and “Moi” issue 13, which contains 4 oneshots.

Here’s what I read:

Here are the summaries Tweets for both: (Haru_Niwa_Tweets) (Sora_wo_Kakeru_Chp_6_Tweets)

Mini Review of “Haru Niwa”:

Art A: It was fittingly simple for simple slice-of-life high school. The main character are drawn well and cute, even old-man Miyoshi.

Story A: I can’t think of how to improve the story, so it gets an A. Usually slice-of-life bores me. The fact that I got through all 50 pages quickly and enjoyed it the whole time, says something about this oneshot. The story starts slow, but it pleasantly takes the reader meandering with Harukawa as she discovers her feelings for Mamiya and faces turning into an adult on her 18th birthday. Mr. Miyoshi is the cherry on the sundae as the cute old matchmaker. If you can read Japanese and enjoy shoujo slice-of-life, it may be worth it to pick up this issue of Betsuma.

Here are the color frontis pages from the issue.

Here are the previews for Issue 4:

Betsuma_201503098 Betsuma_201503107

  • “Ore Monogatari” (“My Love Story”) will be on the cover.
  • There will be special chapter of “Strobe Edge” and clear file
  • New Series: “Machida-kun no Sekai” by Yuki Andou
  • Issue 4 goes on sale March 13th

Look forward to it!

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