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Hitachiin Brothers Wallpaper

Here are two Hitachiin Brothers wallpapers: Color: 1600×1200 Color: 1920×1200 B/W: 1600×1200 The foreground is two images from the manga that I scanned, threshholded and then added color and effects.   I made the background pattern in Illustrator.   The flowers and the butterflies are purchased from iStockPhoto.  I rasterized them and added color and some effects.  I like this wallpaper a

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More Ouran Wallpaper

Here’s some more Ouran wallpaper.  This is a composite of two images.  I had to clean up some of the screening used to create shadows on the original drawing.  I used a masked layers to create Haruhi blush, the gradient background and to fade in the second image in the lower right corner. Here are the original source scans for

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Lovely ZHD Wallpaper

Here’s the second “Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen” wallpaper.  I had to do a lot of prep work on the original to get it ready for color.  The original was on two separate pages with a blank gap that was never drawn.  I had to match up the pages and then exapolate the missing artwork in the gap.  Here’s what the original

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