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My Manga Purchases for May 2012

Here’s what I bought manga-wise this month. English Language “Oresama Teacher” Volume 8 Japaneses Language “Magnolia” Volume 4 + Drama CD “Tempest” Volumes 1 & 2 by Aniya Yuiji “Hebi to Maria to Otsuki-sama” by Uno Sanae “Unknown” by Shiwase Yuki “Joosama and the White Rabbit” Volume 2 by Oto Hisamu “Paradise Pirates” by Yamaguchi Miyuki (Avoid this one! It’s

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Manga I’m Looking Forward to! "Sakuran: Blossoms Wild"

Here’s a title coming from Vertical on July 17th that I’m very much looking forward to.  It’s from Moyocco Anno, the same mangaka who wrote/illustrated “Sugar Sugar Rune”, but “Sukuran” is a mature title.  Anyhow, since reading series like “Yukarism” and “Oiran Girl”, I’d like to see another interpretation of the Japanese courtesan world.  Here’s a link to the synopsis

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