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Manga Summary: Penguin Revolution Volume 5

First off, let me say, for those of you out there who like “Penguin Revolution”, Tsukuba Sakura has another great manga series called, “Land of the Blindfolded”. Check it out, if you haven’t already. Okay, back to “Penguin Revolution.” In this volume we find out the secret behind “Yoko Oka”, “Ryo, and, Ayaori and the connection they share. Ayaori and

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Manga Summary: Kagetora Volume 8

Ahh, “Kagetora”, this fluffly little pubescent male fantasy entertains me so much with its innocence. In this volume, Kagatora’s brother, Taka, drops in for a visit. He tells Hime that she must score a hit on him within 24-hrs or her strict grandmother is going to come and reinforce her training. Oh, no, if Hime’s grandma comes, then Hime’s relationship

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Anime Review: Kyou Kara Maou

I watched the entirety of this anime over one week of my 3-week winter break from work. Yep, all 78-episodes over a week — quite a marathon. I enjoyed this anime series from beginning to end and even felt a little bit mournful after watching the last episode. Oh, but rejoice “Kyou Kara Maou R” has just begun and so

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