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Gentle Shoujo Halloween Manga Recommendations

I’ve been listening to podcasts and reading various manga critics’ blogs and this week’s popular theme is Halloween manga.  Unfortunately, most of the title mentioned are just sick, literary, or sick and literary.  Who the hell wants to read a bunch of highbrow manga with graphic violence perpetrated on humans and animals!? And since when has Halloween, other than the

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Explore More Works by Chika Shiomi

Did you like the first chapter of “Yukarism”?  Do you want to explore more series by Chicka Shiomi?  I can help!  I’ve set-up a special Chika Shiomi section of the Omari’s Sister Amazon Store so you can easily access and purchase other works by Chika Shiomi.Link to The Chika Shiomi Store! For manga in Japanese: Amazon Japan Yes Asia

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You MUST Buy Betsuhana 12!

If you love “Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri” then you MUST buy Betsuhana 12 for this premium freebie! It is 7 x 10-in, 16-pages, and printed on thick semi-gloss (nicely calendered) paper.  Also, a lot of the book is in English.  Hmmm…  Why couldn’t Hatori-sensei give us something like this for Ouran!?  Link to purchase Betsuna Hana from Amazon Japan.  I’ll put

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