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2014 Unlicensed Shoujo Manga Retrospective and 2015 Predictions

in 2014 I set out to read more manga in Japanese and explore more Josei. I explored some of the more traditional shoujo magazines from Shueisha, Kodansha, and Shogokugan. I started reading Betsuma, The Margaret, Friend, The Dessert, Betsucomi, and Betsucomi DX. I gave some josei magazines at chance, but ultimately found that Cocohana, Flowers, Feel, & Belove didn’t hold

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2014 Shoujo and Josei Round-up — Revisiting my 2014 Predictions!

2014 Predictions! (2014 Results) For the most part, my predictions were bad, but it was fun giving it some thought. Here are my predictions along side with the results. As publishers grope to find create new fads and subgenres, I expect to see more experimental short series and oneshots. (Well… there was nothing as ambitious as Aya Kanno’s shoujo adaptation

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2013 Shoujo Manga Trends and 2014 predictions

Let’s talk about some of the trends we saw in shoujo manga this year! Admittedly my scope is limited since I don’t read the major shoujo magazine from Shueisha, Shogukukan, and Kodansha (Margaret, Sho-comi, Cookie, Cheese, Betsucomi, Ciao, Ribbon, The Dessert…etc…). Please feel free to inform about trends I didn’t catch in the comments section.  Anyhow, here’s what I noticed

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