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What I Finished Reading This Week: "Utsubora"

Title: Utsubora — The Story of a NovelistArtist/Author: Asumino NakamuraISBN:  978-1935654766Purchase: Amazon/ BN My Initial Impressions: FAIL Whut?     Whut, whut?!!! Oh crap… another crappy Vertical translation. For $15, I expect some editing. If I wanted to read crap like this, I’d read a free scanlation. What’s bad is that the first error I pointed out is CRUCIAL to

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What I Read Last Week: "The Heart Thomas" by Moto Hagio

Title: The Heart of ThomasArtist: Moto HagioISBN:  978-1606995518Links to Purchase: Amazon / BN My Initial Thoughts: Although the hardcover presentation is gorgeous, the book is so big that I couldn’t be read in a relaxing position, so I mostly read this on the “throne”. The two tone color pages are kinda awkward… but meh, okay.  As for the story itself,

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What I Read Last Week — August 25th – August 31st

“Helter Skelter” by Kyoko OkazakiGeneral Impression:  I was hesitant to purchase this title because I don’t like fashion/actor/idol manga. And given the cover, I didn’t feel like reading anything about a character with body dysmorphia. Yeah, yeah beauty is skin deep. I already know this.  And the series started off exactly as I expected: the main character Liliko is a

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