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Highlights from Lala DX 1/2015

“Koi dano Ai dano” is on the cover of the New Year’s issue of Lala DX. The furoku is a pair of Nyanko New Year’s money envelopes. They are very nice. Here’s a preview for the next issue of Ane Lala which releases January 5th: Here’s what caught my eye: Bisco Hatori’s “Petite Peche” returns! It will be on the

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LaLa DX vs LaLa Magazine

I’ve recently found an online store that sells manga magazines from Japan for a decent shipping rate. The store is called Akadot. Anyhow, so I bought bought LaLa and LaLa DX not knowing the difference (apparently the sellers I contacted didn’t know either). Anyhow, so here’s the difference that I can detect (without having translated anything): LaLa DX is a

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