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Highlights from Bessatsu Friend (Betsufure) Issue 3/2015

“Ao-Natsu” is on the cover of Bessatsu Friend this month. The furoko is a collection of “Seishun” (“Youth”) oneshots called “Ao-Koi” (“Blue-Love”). It contains 7 stories. There was also a lovely “Hana-kun to Koisure Watashi” poster. I’m sorry for the crappy photo; the poster was too big from my scanner so I took a photo with my phone. Here’s the

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Highlights from Betsuma Issue 3/2015

“Rere Hello” is on the cover of Betsuma this month. Volume 6 of this series releases in Japan on February 25th. The furoku are an “Ao Haru Ride” medium-sized clear file and “Moi” issue 13, which contains 4 oneshots. Here’s what I read: Here are the summaries Tweets for both: (Haru_Niwa_Tweets) (Sora_wo_Kakeru_Chp_6_Tweets) Mini Review of “Haru Niwa”: Art A: It

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Highlights from Petite Princess Issue 2/2015

Petite Princess is a bi-monthly publication that contains both series and oneshots. The content generally straddles the line between shoujo and josei, with a couple of very young skewing shoujos and usually 2 or 3 smutty selections. The stories are generally high school, college, and young office lady romances with no fantasy elements, except for the occasional talking animal. Petite

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