Highlights from Bessatsu Friend (Betsufure) Issue 3/2015

Betsufure_Issue_201503_150“Ao-Natsu” is on the cover of Bessatsu Friend this month. The furoko is a collection of “Seishun” (“Youth”) oneshots called “Ao-Koi” (“Blue-Love”). It contains 7 stories.

Betsufure_Issue_201503_165There was also a lovely “Hana-kun to Koisure Watashi” poster.

Feb2015_ 295I’m sorry for the crappy photo; the poster was too big from my scanner so I took a photo with my phone.

Here’s the index page with a listing of the contents of this issue.


I only read the first chapter of the new series “Otonari wa 1 Ken de 2 Do Oishii” (“Two Delicious Neighbors in One House” — err… roughly …Okay I’m mostly being an ass) and the last chapter of “Ore no Hitsuji-chan” (“My Little Lamb”). The first one is a series about a bland girl, Azuki, who takes a job as a housekeeper for the class president, Ousuke, and his 26-year-old uncle, Haru. The uncle, of course, can’t keep his hands off the bland girl and he’s writing a high school romance novel based on Ousuke and Azuki. In “Ore no Hitsuji-chan”, two brothers, one who is secretly sadistic and the Class President class brother and the other who’s a misunderstood nice guy, fight over a bland girl who has very little brains. While both of these series are easy to read, they are crap. Depending on your needs, the two series can be side-splitting fun or eye rolling agony. As for me, I was laughing my butt off. Here’s my Tweet summary of “Otonari wa 1 Ken Do Oishii”:

Two_Delicious_Neighbors Tweets

Here are some of the frontis pages from some of the other series in this issue.

Here are the previews for the next issue.


  • “Suki ni Naraniyo, Senpai” by Hatsuharu
  • The final chapter of “Hope”
  • Issue 4 releases March 13th

I’m looking forward to it!

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