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2016 License Manga Favorites

This is going to be pretty short since I didn’t read much licensed manga and very few of the series I read impressed me. I don’t really think I can assess what was good because I read so few, so I’ll list what I liked. New Series #1 — “The Secret Sakura Shares” #2 — “The Ancient Magus Bride” #3

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2016 Shoujo License Predictions and Wishlist

I have no feel for shoujo licensing anymore, but I’m take my guesses anyway. Predicted Shoujo Licenses: “Namaikizakari” by Miyuki Mitsubachi (sports romance) “Oujisama ni wa Doku ga Aru” (” The Cure Prince with Black Poison”) by Jun Yuzuki (BL gags and romance) “Kimi ni Koto Nado Zettai ni” by Meca Tanaka (Riches to rags female MC gets taken in

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Predictions and Wishlist for Shoujo Manga in 2016

あd First, I’ll go over the predictions for 2015. Back to 2015 Predictions Cooking/Baking/Domesticated Male series continue debuting. [Yep! The trend escalated!] More “Vampire Knight” comic and light novel spinoffs as Hakusensha struggles to find a new flagship series for Lala. “Shuriken Pleats” will end or morph into a thinly veiled “Vampire Knight” clone. [Wow! Nailed it!] “Urakata” will morph

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