2016 License Manga Favorites

This is going to be pretty short since I didn’t read much licensed manga and very few of the series I read impressed me. I don’t really think I can assess what was good because I read so few, so I’ll list what I liked.

New Series

#1 — “The Secret Sakura Shares”

#2 — “The Ancient Magus Bride”

#3 — “Horimiya”

#4 — “Angel of Elhamburg”

Series I Continued in 2015:

  • “Skip Beat” (I’m getting tired of it.)
  • “Witchcraft Works”
  • “Library Wars: Love & Wars”
  • “My Love Story” (I’m getting tired of it.)
  • “Ajin”
  • “Voice Over”
  • “Noragami” (getting tired of it)


  • “Maid-sama!” (Didn’t hold up after time passed)
  • “Haven’t you Heard? I’m Sakamoto (Tire dad jokes and stupid puns. I get tired of it very quickly.)
  • “Princess Jellyfish” (Boring)

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