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Clannad Update: Episodes 13 – 17

Well, I’ve finished with the Kotomi cycle in the story and was, again, left in tears. This show can sometimes be so sweet. They didn’t resolve, though, whether Kotomi was going to study abroad. I guess she’s not since she’s still there. After Kotomi the story goes back into the Nagisa and once again Tomoya and his harem are trying

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Clannad: Episode 1 – 6

I continue to watch this show hoping that at sometime there will be a point, a plot, something, anything, please, I’m begging. Here’s what’s going on so far: There’s a young man, Tomoyo, who lives in a sleepy town. This town is exceedingly boring so Tomoyo hates his life, a sentiment he makes biting clear in the first 30-seconds of

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