Clannad: Episode 1 – 6

I continue to watch this show hoping that at sometime there will be a point, a plot, something, anything, please, I’m begging. Here’s what’s going on so far: There’s a young man, Tomoyo, who lives in a sleepy town. This town is exceedingly boring so Tomoyo hates his life, a sentiment he makes biting clear in the first 30-seconds of the 1st episode. Bitter main characters always hook me, so I felt some interest after the intro. And then nothing happens …

On his way to school, Tomoyo is bitching about how much he hates the town he lives in and his life, while his classmate, and sorta destined partner, Nagisa, is thinking happy and hopeful, but lonely thoughts. They meet, and for some reason the simple minded Nagisa eases Tomoyo’s boredom. Nagisa wants to be in the theater club, however, the theater club has been disbanded. We meet Nigasa’s family, bread makers by trade. Nigasa’s mom, Sanae, makes bread of questionable quality and Nagisa’s Dad, Akio, lets Sanae know while at the same time begging for forgiveness. Nagisa’s Dad also gives Tomoyo a hard time, so the scenes at Nagisa’s house are mildly entertaining. And then there’s Tomoyo’s brother, Naoyuki, who is provokes the butch but attractive, Tomoya, into giving him daily beat downs. I think there’s love in there somewhere — or maybe not, since Naoyuki spends a couple of episodes trying to prove that Tomoya is actually a man. This, too, is mildly entertaining and I would have liked a show more around the relationship of these two weirdlings.

And back to Tomoyo … he decided that he’s going to help Nagisa form a theater club so she can act. Half-way through this “quest”, Nagisa and Tomoyo happen upon the spirit of a comatose student, Fuko, who is attached to the school. She is giving out stars she hand carves out of wood to students in exchange for them coming to her older sister’s wedding (Kuko). So they change their “quest” to, first, making the stars, then handing out the stars, and finally getting Kuko to see meet Fuko’s spirit so Kuko will know that Fuko wants her to get married. And this is where I left off. Along the way there are references to gaining skills and leveling-up like a character would in a RPG. Only this would be the world’s most pointless RPG in which you would master the skill of squirting juice up someone’s nose as a joke. My gosh, can you imagine an RPG that consists of only talking to the townspeople and doing little jobs for them?! AUGH!!!

I really don’t get this … Tomoyo seems like a pretty smart guy, so I don’t get why he bothers with a mealy mouthed, low wattage girl like Nagisa. An ass like him seems more natural with an ass-kicker like Tomoya. Sigh … maybe that what I’m secretly hoping for.

Well, I’ll reserve final judgment for the end (hopefully it ends at 12 or 13 episodes … please …). Right now I’m leaning towards a 3 because the side stories are mildly entertaining.

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