Clannad Update: Episodes 13 – 17

Well, I’ve finished with the Kotomi cycle in the story and was, again, left in tears. This show can sometimes be so sweet. They didn’t resolve, though, whether Kotomi was going to study abroad. I guess she’s not since she’s still there. After Kotomi the story goes back into the Nagisa and once again Tomoya and his harem are trying to start a theatre club. But, oh no, there’s only one teacher left who can be their advisor and the choir club has already claimed her. What’s the group to do? I know, settle it with basketball. Sigh … anyhow, they play basketball against the basketball team instead of the choir club and then Nagisa faints. Meanwhile various members of the harem start actively pursuing Tomoya after he says that he and Nagisa are not dating. Apparently he’s decided not to date any girl because he’s embarrassed by his drunk Dad. Bitch, bitch moan, moan … dude get it together and get Tomoyo, Ryou, or Kotomi. Quit bothering with frail and air-headed Nagisa! Geez …

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