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What I Recent Read: "Hana and Earth" by Sanae Uno

Title: Hana and Earth Volume 1 (Hana to Earth, 花と地球) Mangaka: Sanae Uno (宇野紗菜) Genre: It straddles the border between shoujo and josei, slice-of-life ISBN: 9784253198431 Purchase: Amazon JP / Yes Asia ($9.98 includes shipping to the US) Genre: It straddles the border of shoujo and josei Synopsis: Hana dreams of running her grandparents’ healing herb cafe and living an

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Manga Review: "Skyblue Shore"

“Skyblue Shore” by Nanpei Yamada and published in English by TokyoPop has to be the most boring manga I’ve ever read.  I struggled through the entire first volume because I love “Orange Chocolate” so much.  But, alas, this first volume is a lifeless turd.  Basically, it’s a beach themed slice-of-life drama.  There’s a pointless love triangle between two 16-year olds

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