Manga Review: "Skyblue Shore"

“Skyblue Shore” by Nanpei Yamada and published in English by TokyoPop has to be the most boring manga I’ve ever read.  I struggled through the entire first volume because I love “Orange Chocolate” so much.  But, alas, this first volume is a lifeless turd.  Basically, it’s a beach themed slice-of-life drama.  There’s a pointless love triangle between two 16-year olds and 25-year old man and boring bit– plays the useless 4th wheel.  I’d like to thank TokyoPop for leaving most of the effects untranslated and for a translation that includes the phrase, “back in the day” coming from the mouth of an uber-innocent 15-year old girl.  FAIL.  I weep for Yamada-sensei…


  • I love how you rate these manga for us. Having loved most of the series you do, I assume our tastes are very similar. I meant to post something about the last manga you reviewed as well. Thanks so much for doing this so that I don't waste my time! And thank you as always for the good choices you do make!


  • Thanks for the review! I was hesitating to buy this volume but I probably won't in the end.
    On the one hand, I love the way Yamada-sensei draws and a beach themed manga is something quite rare which attracted me. Besides, as you mentionned, Orange Chocolate is very good.
    But on the other hand, the first volume isn't as good as I first thought it was. I read its scanlation in english but as the chapters were released very slowly, I didn't realize how boring it was until recently, when I tried to read it again and couldn't even finish the first chapter!
    It's such a shame. I love Yamada-sensei's style and would have enjoyed a good beach themed series. T__T
    But I'm still wondering whether I should buy Kamisama Hajimemashita. Do you plan to buy it by any chance? If it is the case, I will wait for your review.


  • @Minelauva — I did buy “Kamisama Kiss” volume 1 and I read up to chapter 24 in scanlation. The first chapter isn't very good, but the series does get A LOT better as it goes along. I hadn't planned on writing a formal review, though, but I suppose I could write a mini-review when I sum up my recent purchases after I finish typesetting AnS 22.


  • Okay, thank you. I will probably buy it then. Since I already buy many mangas in french every month, I usually don't buy US releases unless they're really worth it.


  • None of them you pinch that you have named. Not wise that existia, that is furious T.T
    But good it makes me happy at least to be able to know ^^ the plots meet very good, I was charmed with them
    Regards from chile¡¡¡


  • Hm, why does the beach makes a good theme for a manga in the first place? never read a beach themed one before if i am not mistaken, so i dont see what exactly the appeal is.

    What is a beach themed manga supposed to be anyway?

    And i have to disagree/remark on the “most boring manga i have ever read” part, because, to me, Pastel is the most boring thing ever known to man.

    I checked it years ago, and i still remember it as the ultimate borefest i have ever checked.


  • @SL — I don't think I got past the cover of “Pastel”.

    As for the beach — well, having lived within a couple miles of the beach for most of my life, I know that there is “beach culture”, especially around surfing. The salt air is magical and when you stand on a high place overlooking a beach, it feels like you are standing at the edge of the world. It's a Godsmacking feeling. I have many stories of my own adventures at the beach as a child and as a teen (including the spectacle of a huge dead whale and whale parts on the beach — hella stinky like you wouldn't believe), so from my perspective, I think a beach themed manga holds great possibility. “Skyblue Shore” though doesn't feel like it was written by somebody with the beach in bones — burning skin soothed with cool water, warm gritty sand between your toes, salt air with the faint stink of sea weed, noisy sea gulls, and the strong coconut scent of tanning lotion. Beach people have their own language and are very in touch with nature. I do hope someday that someone does write a decent beach manga, because I think it could be interesting.


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