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Manga Review: “Zetsubou Baby” by Hina Sakurada

Title: Zetsubou Baby (絶望ベイビー) (Hopeless Baby) Mangaka: Hina Sakurada (桜田雛) Language: Japanese Publisher/Publication: Shougakukan / Monthly Cheese! Year: Aug 2014 – Feb 2015 Genre: Shoujo, romance, drama, comedy Warnings: There is a near rape scene that I found frightening. It serves the purpose of the story and is portrayed as violence and hate as it should be. ISBN: Volume 1

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Manga Review: “Kageno Datte Seishunshitai” (“Even Kageno wants a Lovely High School Life”) Volumes 1 – 4

Title: “Kageno Datte Seishunshitai”/”影野だって青春したい” Mangaka: Yuka Kitagawa / 北川夕夏 Publisher: Kodansha Publication: Bessatsu Friend (Betsufure) Genres: Shoujo, romance, comedy, High School Life ISBNs: Volume 1: 9784063418835 Volume 2: 9784063419047 Volume 3: 9784063419405 Volume 4: 9784063419610 Use the ISBNs to search online bookstores for these books. Volume 1 – 3 are available through third parties on Amazon US under the title

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Manga Review: “Ichireishite, Kisu” (“Bow Down and Kiss” / “My Poison Arrow”)

Title: 一礼して、キス / Ichireishite, Kisu (“Bow Down and Kiss” / “My Poison Arrow”) Mangaka: 加賀やっこ / Kaga Yakko Publisher / Publication: Shogakugan / Betsucomi ISBN: 9784091350831 Language: Japanese Genre /Category: Shoujo, sports, romance Purchase: Amazon JP / Amazon US / Yes Asia / Honto / Kinokuniya US Synopsis: Ann Kishimoto is a third year student who retired from the archery

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What I Tried to Read Earlier: "Rafnas" by Yumiko Shirai

Title: ラルナス / Rafnas Mangaka: 白井弓子 (Yumiko Shirai) Publisher/ Publication: Fubasha / Gekkan Comics Magazine: Gekkan Action ISBN: 9784575844665  Purchase: Amazon JP / Amazon US / YesAsia / Honto Synopsis: A second planet has has covered the land. The rivers of floating land are known as “Rafnas”, and humanity has split into people must live in the Rafnas and people

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What I Recently Read: "Ningyo Oujisama" ("Mermaid Prince") Volume 1 by Yuana Kazumi

Title: 人魚王子さま / Ningyo Oujisama / Mermaid Prince Volume 1 Mangaka: 和深ゆあな / Yuana Kazumi Publisher / Imprint: Tokuma Shoten / Zenon Comics Magazine: Monthly Comic Zenon ISBN: 9784199802164 Purchase: Amazon JP / Amazon US / Yes Asia / Honto JP Genre: Seinen, comedy, gag Synopsis: 30-year old Manato Kogane has been unemployed for a year. With dwindling savings and

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