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Recently Read: "Innocent" by Sakamoto Shinichi

Title: Innocent (イノサン) volume 1 Language: Japanese Mangaka: Sakamoto Shinichi (坂本眞一) Publisher / Publication: Shueisha / Young Jump ISBN:  9784088795652 Purchase: Amazon JP  Synopsis: This series is the fictionalized story of Charles Henri Sanson who was the fourth generation Royal Executioner of France. He served during the reign of Louis 16th. This first volume covers from when he was expelled

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Manga Review: "Black Rose Alice" Volume 1 by Setona Mizushiro

Title: Black Rose Alice Mangaka: Setona Mizushiro Publisher: Viz / Shoujo Beat ISBN: 978-1421571607 Purchase: Amazon / Barnes & Noble Synopsis: LINK First Impressions:  I’ve wanted to read this series for long time, but I’ve never had the patience to deal with Japanese because of the katakana for the non-Japanese names and the complicated story. I’m glad I waited because

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Update! What I Recently Read: "Waltz no Ojikan — Let’s Dance a Waltz" Volume 1 by Natsumi Ando

UPDATE! “Let’s Dance a Waltz” has been licensed by Kodansha USA! Information here! If this series seems interesting to you, please support it by purchasing the book in Spring 2015! It would be a great starter manga for a tween or a young teen, of course, in conjunction with a talk about healthy weight loss. ———————————————— Title: “Waltz no Ojikan

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What I Recently Read: "Hanabusa-san: The Guard of the White Horse Loop Line"

Title: Hanabusa-san: The Guard of the White Horse Loop Line Mangaka: Ritsu Miyako Publisher: Hakusensha Publication: Bessatsu Hana to Yume (BetsuHana) Genre: Shoujo, Slice of Life ISBN: 9784592187073 Purchase: Amazon JP Synopsis: This volume compiles three chapters with interconnecting stories revolving around Hanabusa, the conductor of the White Horse Loop Line. Chapter 1: Four passengers get on the train over

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