Gentle Shoujo Halloween Manga Recommendations

I’ve been listening to podcasts and reading various manga critics’ blogs and this week’s popular theme is Halloween manga.  Unfortunately, most of the title mentioned are just sick, literary, or sick and literary.  Who the hell wants to read a bunch of highbrow manga with graphic violence perpetrated on humans and animals!? And since when has Halloween, other than the movies, been associated with serial killers!? 
Ugh…so…I decided to make my own list of Halloween manga for us folks who prefer gentle shoujo manga with a little bit of the spooky and the supernatural.  Here it goes!

Available in Print

  1. “Recipe for Gertrude” by Nari Kusakawa
  2. “Sugar Sugar Rune” by Moyoco Anno
  3. “Black Butler” by Yana Toboso
  4. “Chibi Vampire” by Yuna Kagesaki
  5. “Shinjuku Kiss” by Kazuko Higashiyama
  6. “Ghost Hunt” (there’s an anime series too)
  7. “XXXholic” by Clamp

From Omari’s Sister’s Archives!

  1. “The Ghost Apartment Manager”
  2. “The Scarecrow of Oz”
  3. “Furou Kyoudai”

What are some of your favorite manga series to read during Halloween?  Please leave a comment with your recommendation.

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