Winter Holiday Gift Ideas for the Shoujo Manga Lover in your Life

I forgot to do this last year, but this year, once again I have compiled a list of gift ideas for the shoujo lover in your life.  The complete list can be found at the Crimson Flower Amazon Store. In general I recommend:

For folks who missed getting the Vampire Knight Volume 19 limited edition with the bundled illustration book, Amazon still has some! Here’s a link!

Also, if the person wants to read electronic versions of their favorite manga, then I recommend getting the person a 32 GB iPad mini or the Kindle Paperwhite.

Manga volumes are also nice. Some of my favorites are:

If you are unsure, there are always gift cards! Consider giving an Amazon Gift card or a gift card from the person’s favorite bookstore. Also for the Amazon shopper, consider gifting the person a year of Amazon Prime so they can buy tons for manga with free 2-day shipping.

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