Manga Summary: Kagetora Volume 8

Ahh, “Kagetora”, this fluffly little pubescent male fantasy entertains me so much with its innocence. In this volume, Kagatora’s brother, Taka, drops in for a visit. He tells Hime that she must score a hit on him within 24-hrs or her strict grandmother is going to come and reinforce her training. Oh, no, if Hime’s grandma comes, then Hime’s relationship with Kagetora will be threatened. What’s an unathletic Rubenesce teenage girl to do? After that, it’s off to an amusement park, where Taka acts like a typical older brother and gives Kagetora much grief. It got a chuckle out of me. Onto another episode in which Hime freaks out because she’s gained a little bit of weight. Will Kagetora find out? (Will Kagetora even care?). The second half of this volume features some extra comics like you would find in supplemental editions of the big manga magazines (La La DX, for example). They play like regular chapters, so I don’t understand why they are called out specially. Anyhow, one is about Hime doing martial arts while drunk, another involves hime going out on a date with a boy from Jr. High, the third is an onsen chapter, and the last one is a Valentines day story. All of the chapters are sweet as usual. And now I wait for Volume 9.

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