Manga Review: King of the Lamp

I was anticipating this manga because I enjoyed “Tenshi ja Nai”. I was sorely disappointed. This is the second worst manga I have read behind “Fall in Love Like Comic.” Basically this manga is a series of very bad short stories that center around a lecherous king who, after taking 1000 of his countries most beautiful women into his harem, was enslaved inside a magic lamp. To gain his freedom he must help 1000 women improve their love lives. The basic story pattern is as follows: girl loves hot guy from afar. Girl makes a stupid wish to be with that guy. In a case of mistaken identity or intention, the sought after guy tries to rape the girl. The girl makes a second wish and possibly a third and the guy realizes he “loves” the girl and then they have sex. Sigh … I would have been pissed at this great offense to women-kind, except the stories are so poorly written that I was laughing hysterically while reading this manga. UGH, it was bad! There are some extra stories after the 3 cases of “King of the Lamp”. “I’ll Kill you with a Kiss” was half-way okay. I give this 1/5 because I did read through it all, laughing the entire time, though.

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