The Devil Beside You — Live Action Taiwanese Version

I honestly tried watching this drama since it came highly recommended from the Crunchy Roll drama forum. The first 5 or so episodes were really good and then the show went to repetitive suckdom and I became bored. I read the manga a couple of years ago and I remembered the basic premise — high school deliquent who is also the son of the school’s director decides he “wants” the main character who’s mother is going to marry the school’s director, the result being a pair of “dangerous” siblings. For whatever reason the two don’t realize since they aren’t blood related that it’s okay. I remember reading the manga and getting tired of the main female character asking “what should I do?” every other page as repeated misfortune and misunderstanding followed one after another. It felt the same way watching this too and to a greater extent since the actress playing the main character is really good at pouting. The main male character is played by an actor with lots of charisma, but even his charisma isn’t enough to keep me hooked. Oh well …

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