Anime Series Review: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge

The last episode of “Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge” finally came out yesterday. I was surprised that it was still being fansubbed as I thought the series was licensed. Well, thanks to those brave fansubbers! Anyhow, Shichihenge is the story of Sunako and the 4 bishonens she shares a house with. The premise of the story is that the bishonens can live in the fabulous house with Sunako so long as they turn Sunako into a lady. Sunako is a Goth-chick who gone over the edge, relying on the company of various life size anatomical figures rather than actual human beings. The anime has lots of elements of the manga. The very funny
Goth-Loli sister (yonin) are given an expanded role for added comic relief (“Goth-Goth-Loli-Loli”). The anime, as in the manga, is both hilarious and touching. Any girl who’s ever been told she’s ugly or believes that she is ugly knows exactly where Sunako is coming from. And it’s nice to watch Sunako’s transformation from an isolated girl to one that is well supported by and supports her friends. Her friends manage to find Sunako’s real inner beauty and it is hinted that Sunako, herself, is not physically ugly. She just has low charisma and weird hobbies. As for the bishies and the two other bishojos, they are good characters too and show some growth throughout the series. Of note is the Kouhei character which illustrated the reality that some bishonens face, that is mobs of overly excited girls. Yes, we’ve all seen it and the cat fights and the hair pulling that occur over pretty boys. The ending was satisfying too, as we find out that being a lady has nothing to do with outer beauty, but is instead a personal statement of inner strength. The bishies, indeed, have fulfilled their end of the bargain. I really enjoyed watching this series. 5/5

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