Hanazakari no Kimitachi e — Japanese Live Action Version

There’s a live action version of “Hanazakari no kimitachi e” (For you in Full Blossom) this season. I watched the raw of the first episode and it is VERY loosely based on the manga. There is no coherence in the activities and the show appears, so far, to be a bunch of fan service for teenage girls (male and female — ’nuff said). I’ll give the second episode a chance to see if they attempt to do something more than fan service. If the second episode is equally as crappy or crappier than the first, then I will not following this show. The first episode, though, was truly disappointing.

I did some digging around and there’s also a live action version that came out of Taiwan. I’m going to see if this version is any better. Fortunately, this version is subtitled in English.

I’d love to see an anime version or a live action version of this come out that is closer to the manga. I realize that would difficult, though, considering that the manga is 23 volumes. I think, though, if there is a savvy screenwriter involved, they story could be satisfactorily told in ~13 – 24-episodes. There’s lots of stuff to cut or abbreviate like the story around doctor and his lover, the scavenger hunt (or whatever that was), the appearance of Hajima’s little twin bothers, the lake story where Nakatsu is possessed, … to point out a few. Sigh … oh, well, … I love the manga, so I guess it’s alright that it’s not been made into anime.

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