Arakure Wallpaper Featuring Rakuto Dancing

Yikes! This took 4-days to do (I spent ~8-hrs/day on this). But it’s done!

Here’s are the scanned source images:

The top image is two pages stitched together and repaired where the two pages met.  The second image was altered to fit as much of the dancing boy as possible and to maximized the expression on the girl’s face.  I did both images separately and then merged them in the end.  The actual psd file is huge and I ran out of memory during the final save, so I had to close and open Photoshop to clear the scratch so I could bring the resolution down to 72-ppi.   I also saved a 300ppi version so I can print a nice sized poster if I want to.

Here are links to the wallpapers.  I hope you enjoy them!


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