Highlights from Lala DX 1/2015

LalaDX201501_136“Koi dano Ai dano” is on the cover of the New Year’s issue of Lala DX. The furoku is a pair of Nyanko New Year’s money envelopes. They are very nice.

Here’s a preview for the next issue of Ane Lala which releases January 5th:

LalaDX201501_137Here’s what caught my eye:

  • Bisco Hatori’s “Petite Peche” returns! It will be on the cover and will have color pages. Of course, I’m looking forward to the continuation of the story. In honor of “Petite Peche”, the furoku will be a cookbook!
  • A new series called “Tonari wa Nani wo Kuu Hito zo” (“The Neighbor is a Person who’s Eating Something” / “The Neighbor is Eating Something”) by Yuki Fujitsu. I like her oneshots, so I’m looking forward to the first chapter. From the brief description it sounds like it’s a comedy about a female college student named Suzuna who has no homemaking skills and her male neighbor who cooks (and cleans too I assume).
  • There will be a oneshot by Shikaku Machida called “Hoshi to Issho ni Aruiteru” (“Walking with the Stars”). It’s about on office lady Nanase who meets a mysterious man.
  • Chapter 8 of “Kanojo ni Naru Hi”

Here a link to pre-order Ane Lala from Amazon JP.

December Tankoubon Releases (available 12/5/2014):

  • “Sabaku no Harem” Volume 1
  • “Komori to Tenma” Volume 1, includes oneshot “Ouji Meruhi”

January Tankoubon Releases (available 1/5/2015)

  • “Kitsune no Konoha” by Haruno Makoto
  • “Escaped Sheep” by Azuya Chitose

February Tankoubon Releases (available 2/5/2015)

  • “Revenge Game” by Kurokawa Komachi
  • “Game Kareshi” by Riku Ichi

Here are the frontis pages from some of the series in this issue of Lala DX.

Here’s are the oneshot frontis pages.

And lastly… the preview for Lala DX 3/2015

LalaDX201501_142LalaDX201501_159Here are few announcements that caught my eye:

  • There will be a “Vampire Knight” extra story. Not sure is this is just a one time story or the start of an extra volume
  • There will be extra “Last Game” and “Library Wars” chapters.
  • A new oneshot from Toki Yajima
  • “Kanojo ni Naru HI Another” Chp 9
  • “Sabaku no Harem” Chp 6 (nasty cliffhanger at the end of chapter 5 T_T)

Lala DX 3 will be released on February 10th.


  • Looking forward to dat woman friendship round 2 for sure. Vampire Knight extra story? I had almost managed to forgot all about this title, just let it die : / .


    • I don’t think Hino and the management at Lala have much choice. Lala currently doesn’t have a flagship series, so it seems they are milking “Vampire Knight” until something catches on, or they stumble across something new. As it is now, “Shuriken Pleats” is pretty “meh”. Personally I think Ane Lala and Lala DX is were the good stuff is. But it’s fun watching Lala experiment with different oneshots as they grope around for something new.


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