Highlights from Betsucomi April 2015 Issue

Betsucomi_April_2015_Issue_041Yakko Kaga’s newest series “Hana ni, Kamitsuku” (For Hana, a Bite) is on the cover of the April 2015 of Betsucomi magazine. The furoku is a set of “Koisuru Harinezumi” (“A Hedgehog in Love”) / “Hatsu * Haru” magnets.


What I read:

“Hana ni, Kamitsuku — Your Sweet Poison” — Dead girls are showing up in Hana’s high school, but who really cares about that? Takatsuki falls in love at first sight with mysterious Akashiro, one of two vampires on the hunt in Takatsuki’s high school. Akashiro claims to know nothing of love, but bites Takatsuki and refuses to share his prize with his killer vampire buddy. This series is my latest guilty pleasure. Takatsuki is bland as hell, but the vampire boys are attractive and a lot of campy vampire fun.

“Lip ni Shadow” — Chikage is crushing on his childhood friend, Nagi. Chikage, however, behaves effeminately leading to the belief around school that he is gay. In this first chapter, Chikage grins and bears it as he helps Nagi pursue her crush on another guy. I read the entire 3 chapter series in one night, and it’s adorable in its simplicity and sincerity.

“Sunrise” — I read it so long ago that I’ve gotten what happened, but I do remember liking the series.

“Harumachizakura no Mau Koro ni” — Unmotivated 3rd-year high school student Akari gets run over by an actress. The actress, Mio, died in the accident and ends up haunting Akari. Mio asks Akari to be her substitute in a stage play in order fulfill her wish as a fledgling actress. This oneshot turned out to be very touching.

The other color pages from the issue:

Here’s the index page that lists the content of the issue:


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