September 2015 Manga Purchases

Here are my manga purchases from September.


  • Barairo, I love taisho era outfits. Especially the military ones.
    Perfect world, from the few chapter I’ve glimsped looks like angstville.
    Akira Hagio does smut? This a nice cover, I’ve always liked her female leads.


    • Barairo is a current new favorite from this year. Too bad it went on hiatus after one volume. Apparently the mangaka and publisher thought a sequel to “Akai Ito” was more important. Barairo is far more interesting to me.

      Yes, Akira Hagio does smut. From my flip through, it looks like pretty good smut. It seems that quite a few of Hakusensha’s shoujo artists are producing oneshots and short series for the Silky imprint. It’s actually quite exciting because what I’ve read so far has been pretty good.

      Yeah… Perfect World seems angsty, but I’ve had some requests to check it out because it looks like one of those “important” mangas.


      • I guess the sales were there.

        And yeah, Japan doesn’t tackle handicaps very seriously. It took 2 years to serialize Koe no Katachi after winning 1st place as a oneshot.
        Deemed too harsh because it showed how specialized needs people are not really taken care of. Japanese society is ill prepared to deal with those people. Sucks to be second rate :/

        REAL by Takehiko Inoue is one of my favourite manga series and it deals with wheelchair bros.


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