Highlights from Cheese! Issues 7 -10

Sadly nothing much happening in the past 4 issues of Cheese! — at least for me, but that’s mainly because weren’t many new series or oneshots for keep my interests. That’s why I decided to consolidate highlights from all four issues into one post.  First off here are the covers of the issues.

Here’s a collage of the color pages from all four issues.

There were 3 new series during this time period:

  • “I/10000” (Continuation of “Akai Ito”)
  • “Shinigamitachi no Raison d’etre”
  • “Love x Love Game” (Typical shoujo love triangle where a really smart asshole guy and nice popular guy vie for a dumb, clumsy plain girl who can’t decide who she likes.)

“Akai Ito” ended in issue 9.

Now that I’m caught up, I should be able to go into more depth with Cheese! Issue 11.


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