Highlights from Cheese! Issue 6/2015

Cheese_2015_06_059“Sarusuberi Danshi Koutou Gakkou” is on the cover of Cheese! Issue 6. There are 3 new series in this issue and one series that’s ending.

The News Series:

  • “Hana to Miruramu” by Hina Sakura is a retelling of “The Tale Genji”. The story begins when Genji is 10 years old.

I read:

  • “Coffee and Vanilla” by Takara Akegami — Naive college student Risa gets sucked in by suave 30-something Mr. Fukami.
  • “Zettai Fukujuu Idol” by Yukichi Nakamura –When Minato finds out naive Nina, who’s in his same class, is an idol, he decides to blackmail her for sexual favors to keep her secret.
  • “The Dragon’s Bride” Chapter 3 — Now Subaru gets to be tortured as he sees the drowned corpses of Asahi and the others sacrificed to the Lake God. But little Subaru pushes forward, passing through to the other side to meet Asahi again.
  • Oneshot “Soredemo Watashi wa Anata ga Suki” — Insecure 17-year Sayo is dating 23-year old Hotaka. Sayo sees Hotaka with another woman twice, but still clings to the hope that he’s true to her. Her friends are not impressed with Mr. Hotaka.

The other of the color page:


“Sarusuberi Danshi Koutou Gakkou” Chapter 6 by Kaori

Final Chapter:

"Kemono Switch" ("Beast Switch") by Shin Yumachi

“Kemono Switch” (“Beast Switch”) by Shin Yumachi

“Kemono Switch” has a total of 3 volumes.

And here is the index that lists the contents of the issue:


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