Cheese! Issue 5/2015 Overview

Shikigami Danshi

Shikigami Danshi

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! Let’s get started. “Shikigami Danshi” is on the cover of Cheese! Issue 5.

I read:

  • “Bride of the Water God” Chapter 2 — Rei Toma continues to torture her young heroine Asahi. Asahi falls into deep depression after she realizes she can’t go home to her parents.
  • Oneshot “Hakoniwa Oyako” — A really sick and disturbing 16-page oneshot in which a 1st-year high school boy realizes he’s in an incestuous relationship with his mother.
  • “Kagi no nai Torikago” Final Chapter — The end of this sick student x teacher love tale in which Haru gets exactly what she wants but realizes there’s a price. This is an uncomfortable but interesting character study. I’m considering this short series for Bakeneko’s Lair.
  • “Te no Hira ni Suisei” — This thoroughly mediocre short series ends on a thoroughly mediocre note — Sadistic shacho takes 23-year new employee to a hot springs hotel for sex that never happens, but in the end, they consummate their relationship on top of her desk. It’s extremely easy to translate, so from some quick light-smut, this will do the trick.

Here are the color pages from the issue:

Here’s the Index listing the contents of the issue.

Cheese_2015_05_057Cheese 6! Overview will be coming very soon!

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