My Thoughts on “Kanojo ni Naru Hi Another” Chapter 11

This biggest question I have about his chapter is whether the new character Shima is going to appear in any more of the story, or is he a throwaway character that was needed to push Sagara into admitting that she is an emerged female? If he’s a recurring character, I’m not sure how I want him to be included. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy despite his meddling. It seems that he just wanted to press Sagara into coming out. Perhaps he could be someone who tells Sagara to quit moping and go to the gym if she wants to be physically strong. I really don’t want him to try to get between Sagara and Narumi. I feel like it’s their time now. After all, Sagara and Narumi have a lot to work out between themselves.

Kurokawa puzzles me. I thought she was a Sagara x Narumi supporter and was just “dating” Sagara because it seemed to help Sagara while fulfilling a bit of her own selfish desire. But I wonder whether the general arc of the story will lead Kurokawa to consider the emergence reversal treatment mentioned in the first chapter.

Narumi… poor boy… He pretty much admitted to Sagara that he’s stoopid in love with her. I hope Sagara quits trampling on his feelings.

And as for Sagara, I’m glad she finally shut Shima down by revealing herself. That was a big step for her. Of course the question is whether she’s gonna tell the class finally.

And once again, I’m left wanting more of this story, but I haven’t a clue about where it’s heading next.

Wrapping things up, here are my favorite scenes from the chapter.


  • As much of a jerk Shima was, he did bring up a really good point that Sagara was stringing both of them along especially Narumi. He is completely lovestruck, so Sagara better realize that soon for both of their sakes. I just hope Shima isn’t an expendible character that was written to force Sagara to finally confront her feelings for Narumi and maybe he can be Kurokawa’s rebound. That breakup was bound to happen, I’m just surprised it came after Sagara came out as a girl. I just hope this isn’t ending anytime soon because this has a lot of potential to keep going but Ogura sensei likes to keep her stories’ chapters in the 10’s. Great commentary as always. Thank you for your work.


  • I don’t think Shima’s out of the picture his involvement maybe a lot less, but not done. my reason for this is because Shima has been in a few chapters so far so It’d be kind of strange for him to go away at this point. I could be wrong though. I think next chapter is gonna be more about Sagara getting over the break up with Kurokawa and reconciling with Narumi (which I kind of hope will take a little bit longer than there last fight).


  • I forgot to say this, but Shima is pretty observant it could mostly because he’s a new character and an outsider in the trio’s relationship so he can see thinks differently.


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