Beginning of July 2015 Purchases

Here’s the manga that arrived at the beginning if July. I just started reading “Mermaid Boy” this morning. It’s a very charming story with a surprising romance. (It’s from Kodansha, so everyone put this on the Vertical survey!) I’ll write a review of it as soon as I finish both volumes. I’ve actually got a backlog of reviews to write. I’ve read the first volumes of many of these series. I’ll get to it after the next three releases at CF.


  • Lion and Bride looked interesting, so I decided to read the first chapter. Wow, didn’t see that twist coming…

    Looks like a lot of good titles. And I’ll make sure I add Mermaid Boy to the Vertical survey!


  • Hi ~ Some of the manga intrigued my interest x) ~ Btw : There’s a spelling mistake in Romaji & Eng in a manga which is in Kuchibiru ni kimi no iro , Your color on my lips 😉


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