End of June Manga Purchases

These came in at the end of the month from Kinokuniya. “The Story of Witches and Cats” is getting hard to find, so if this book looks like something you’d like to read, order a copy now before you can’t. I started reading it and it has the perfect level of furigana help. The medium level kanji and higher have furigana. So far, it’s a very cute and pleasant read with lots of talking animals. If you need a little mental vacation, I recommend “The Story of Witches and Cats”.

“Atashi to Hasami wo Tsukaiyou” appeared in the furoku for Betsufure (Betsufure Next). I read one of the chapters and it’s about dog groomers. There was lots on information of dog shows and and grooming and care for those show dogs. Of course there’s shoujo romance too (with a very HOT “oresama” male MC) — actually there’s a lot of romance.  Haha! Shoujo lovers should get this one.

Volume 5 of “Kageno Datte Seishunshitai” is a little hard to read. Finally Kageno gets very cruely bullied and then a potential love triangle arises (but not really…)

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