Beginning of June 2015 Purchases

June is turning out to be a month with a lot of manga I want to buy. My wallet is screaming. Some of these I already read in magazines, so since I both the compilations, obviously I highly recommend the series.

Series I’ve read:

  • Kagi no nai Torikago — a taunt mild S&M student x teacher romance drama. It’ll make you swirm as it crosses into the land of disgust, like trying not to look at a wreck.
  • O’Hisama ni Kiss — a very sweet high school romance where a guy who everyone assumes is a player falls in love with a very nice girl, but he can’t shake off his “cool” player swagger. Concentrated shoujo crack rock!
  • Gorilla Princess — A tough girl is romanced by a guy from her past who has a split personality. One personality is meek and the other is aggressive. Great physical comedy! Includes a scene with a bear!
  • Kimi no Koto nado Zettai ni — A riches to rags girl becomes the caretaker of her family’s rival son. The first chapter with butt-biting turtle is hilarious!
  • Poisson — An ambitious (and married) young lady chases fame in the court of Louis the 15th. The artwork!!!
  • Nice Day for a Little Mermaid — Tiny genetically created mermaid adventures in a pet store as they wait to be purchased. Very, very funny and cute!


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