My Thoughts on “Sabaku no Harem” Chapter 5

I’m torn on this chapter. First, I like that this manga is taking on the subject of child slavery. Second, I hate that Mishe’s character is further declawed and defanged. How many times is Mishe going to literally run into trouble and need to be rescued? Since when has Mishe forgotten how to fight? Why has Mishe been turned into a bland shoujo girl who gets bullied by the pretty mean girls and obsesses over whether the male main character loves her. But I am happy that Prince Kallum fails throughout the entire chapter. His smoothness doesn’t work on the children and he’s unable to save Mishe at the end of the chapter. Prince Kallum is far too arrogant, so it’s nice to see his devastated face.

The cliffhanger ending of this chapter is too cruel. Before reading chapter 6, I felt a combination of hope and fear. Will Mishe return to the neighboring country only to be enslaved again? Will Mishe wake up with amnesia? Will Mishe get brainwashed and ordered to kill Prince Kallum? It was a long two month wait to see what happens next.

Here are some of my favorite scenes from this chapter. I particularly like Alicia’s many sarcastic facial expressions.


  • Not gonna lie…Camel > everyone else. Love that self-confident face.


  • OMG… I totally love the “bugger off” scene. LOL just because the guy is a prince doesn’t mean even children need to love him.


  • I totally agree with you about Mishe. Why is it that everytime we have a promesing female character who know how to stand up for herself, it all changes when she falls in love. I really liked her in the beginning but now i am not so sure. One thing I didnt really like in this chapter,is when Mishe gets flustred Prince Kallum tells her she is like a girl. It makes me want him to get all shy and flustred around her, and have her tease him. The good thing about this chapter is as you said, we get to see Prince Kallum fail to save her. I really hope that maybe she would be able to save herself this time.


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