The Last of my March 2015 Purchases

Here’s the manga that arrived while I was out.

Here are my English purchases.


  • That age gap smut anthology, you’re such a cover buyer! That stray cat manga looks cool, the cats look mean as hell.Back alley turf wars: the manga?


  • Yeah, the art is fairly shet inside the smut anthology. But… the stories don’t look as bad as anticipated, so I’m pleased with the purchase. The Stray cat manga is constant posturing and fighting. It looks hilarious and I like the art. It looks like nicely drawn screen grabs from an anime. I can’t wait until I have time to read “Last Boss”. The one chapter I read in the Cat manga magazine was really good, so I’m happy to see how it all started. The same goes for the wide-eyed kitten and the wise duck manga by the same mangaka. Overall, I’m very please with my March haul. The few first volumes I got to read while I was in the sticks were quite enjoyable.


  • The Gift of the Magi looks cute, is it related to the O Henry short story?


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