My Thoughts on “Kanojo ni Naru Hi — Another” Chapter 8

First a bit of business:

“Kanojo ni Naru Hi — Another” Volume 2 releases on March 5th. If you enjoy this series, please show Ogura-sensei some love with your money.

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ISBN: 9784592195429

Amazon JP / Yes Asia / Amazon US (coming soon) / Kinokuniya (coming soon)

This was the most shoujo chapter of “Kanojo ni Naru Hi — Another” so far. There were multiple shoujo misunderstandings and even a shoujo-stairs slip that led to a kiss. I didn’t expect an accidental kiss. Actually, I expected Narumi to forget himself in a friendly moment.  But the way this played out, it seemed like an act of desperation on Narumi’s part, though I suppose Narumi doesn’t even know what he’s feeling at the moment. At the same time, I take it that he really likes Sagara because he closed his eyes. I want another chapter from his perspective soon.

As for Sagara and Kurokawa dating, I suspect everyone is not surprised. Of course it’s gonna end, but I wonder how far Ogura will let it go. Will it get to a kiss? Will either of them be weirded out if it does? Will Narumi try to bust them up, will he sit on the sidelines while he deals with his own feelings, or will he be supportive?  I’ve already read chapter 9, so I know his short-term reaction.  Actually, there are a lot of interesting nuggets to think about in chapter 9… but I won’t spoil.

Here are my favorite scenes from the chapter. I tended to like the facial expressions in this chapter more than the obvious kiss. “Sagara vision” as she remembers the kiss cracks me up. She liked it.

One comment

  • Anthony Bluesummers

    I think Narumi will come to realize his true feelings for Sagara within the next chapter after watching them act as a couple. I just feel bad for Kurokawa because her relationship with Sagara seems born out of pity mixed with SOME feelings of affection after revealing her psycho parent’s treatment of her emergence. Also, she is probably aware that Narumi and Sagara are a match because of Sagara’s uneasiness around Narumi, but she will be cool with it. That kiss totally caught me off guard and will be in Narumi’s thoughts for awhile. I just hope he realizes it soon and acts on it.


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