My Thoughts on “Bread & Butter” Chapter 4

I spent the first three chapters suspecting that Hara made his money from some dotcom or Web 2.0 venture, so the whole Hara was a mangaka thing came out of nowhere for me. My first thought was “bullshit”, but then I remembered that this is fiction, so I have to accept the story the mangaka is telling.

Mrs. Mori was hard to translate for. Her mind skips all around because of her dementia, so it was difficult to tell what the subjects and objects of her dialog were. Regardless of the dementia, I liked Mrs. Mori a lot (and Mr. Mori too). I wonder if she was trolling Hara with all the girlfriend names. Hara doesn’t strike me as a serial dater.

I don’t have any deep thoughts about this chapter. As usual, reading it was like a mental vacation. I’m eager to find out more about Hara’s history as a mangaka and what made him stop. I kinda don’t want him to go back to drawing manga before the series ends. I like Hara the baker too much.

Here are some of the scenes I liked from this chapter.

If you would like to buy you own copy of “Bread & Butter” Chapter 1 (ISBN: 9784088451886), here are some purchase links:

Bread & Butter Volume 1

Amazon JP/ Amazon US / Yes Asia / Kinokuniya


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