Highlights from Betsuma January 2015 Issue

Betsuma_Jan_2015_264Ao Haru Ride is on the cover. There’s an alternate live-action movie Ao Haru Ride photograph on the back of the issue.

Betsuma_Jan_2015_267The furoku is very nice desk calendar.  Here are some images from popular series.

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And there is also an issue of Moi! which includes 6 oneshots.

Betsuma_Jan_2015_265Here are some small illustrations as requested by the magazine readers.

Betsuma_Jan_2015_276There are lots of color frontis pages in this issue.

Here are the previews for the February issue of Betsuma which will be released on January 13th.

  • Moi! Volume 12 will have 2 long-form oneshot.
  • Furoku: “Ao Haru Ride” and “Strobe Edge” Postcards (6-card set), Moi! Volume 12
  • January compilation releases (1/23/2015)
    • “Kimi ni Todoke” Volume 23
    • “Haru to Kiyo” Volume 5
    • “Nijiiro Days” Volume 8
    • “Ao Sora Yell” Volume 17
  • Oneshot: “Ai, Aru Seikatsu” by Yuki Andou

Please look forward to the next issue.

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