Highlights from Betsucomi Issue 1/2015

Betsucomi Jan 2015 Issue“Yugure Light” is on the cover of the January 2015 issue of Betsucomi.

The furoku is the “Love of Fate” / “Unmei no Koi” (Fated Love) 2015 collection of short stories. It includes 5 oneshots.

Here are the New Year’s 2015 illustrations from your favorite Betsucomi mangaka.

Betsucomi Mangaka New Year's MessagesAll of the ram illustrations from the various mangaka in the New Year’s issues of the shoujo magazine are adorable.

Here is a rundown of key series and series with color frontis pages in this issue.

Here are the frontis pages and excerps from the series I’m following or series I want to follow.

The first volume of “Yugure Light” will release on December 26th.  Here’s a link to pre-order the first volume of this cute series (LINK).

"Yugure Light" Volume 1 goes on sale 12/26/2014

“Yugure Light” Volume 1 goes on sale 12/26/2014

It looks like “QQ Sweeper” is heating up. I have first volume of this series in my shopping cart so I can start reading this series and catch up.
Betsucomi_236 Betsucomi_237The second chapter of “GoriPuri”! (“Gorilla Princess”). Tough girl Hime and her split personality childhood friend Kanoyama go on a school fieldtrip to the woods and have a hilarious fight with a bear.

Betsucomi_238Here is “Hatsu * Haru”. This is another series that I want to start reading.
Betsucomi_240Here is the frontis page for the final chapter of “Shinomiya-kun no Sekai ga Owattemo”.


Betsucomi_244And lastly, here is the final chapter of “Ichireishite, Kisu” (“Bow Down, Kiss” / “My Poison Arrow”).
Ichireishite, Kisu Final Chapter I just started reading this series. I’m not sure why this is called “smut” since there’s nothing smutty in this series. It’s quite innocent for Betsucomi. So far I think the series is okay. It’s nothing special to me so far, but I do feel it’s getting better as I read further. I do like illustrations of Mikami and Ann doing archery. Mikami’s a little annoying, though. His character is in the vain of the puppy-dog needy boyfriend who’s always trying to touch the female MC — in other words, he’s a little creepy.


The original oneshot in this issue is “Million Dollar”.

Betsucomi_243It’s about a girl, Aya, who’s childhood friend, Chika, is a “Pheromone Prince”. He’s attacked daily by packs of girls who basically want to deflower the pure Chika. Aya vows to protect Chika’s chastity from the female students at their high school as well as from herself. It’s a surprisingly good oneshot with a nice mix of lewdness, heart, and comedy. Below is my live Tweet session of the oneshot. (Start at the end of the last page and then work your way to the top.)

Link to “Million Dollar” Live Tweet PDF

And lastly here are the previews for the February 2015 issues of Deluxe Betsucomi and Betsucomi.

  • The big news is a new series from Kanoko Sakurakouji will begin. It’s called “Seirou Opera” (“Brothel Opera”). The preview description roughly says

From the very bottom to the pinnacle?! Yoshiwara’s gorgeous love picture scroll!!


This is Yoshiwara, the flower of Edo. Concealing a hidden feeling, there is a girl who was just purchased today. In this red light district that is painted with charm and fragrance, her “battle” begins.

Note: The wording of the description on the color page and the monochrome page are slightly different in Japanese, but the translation is roughly the same.

  • There will be a new series from Nami Fujio called “Sanraizu!” (“Sunrise”).

Ill for a second time, a second year high-school student experiences her first crush and has a wonderful close relationship with two boys.

  • There will be an extra chapter of “Ichireishite, Kisu”.
  • Two oneshots: “Sayonara Limit” and ” Chiguhagu Nostalgia” (“Mismatched Nostalgia”)
  • The furoku will be the “Sweet & Bitter Emotion” collection of oneshots.
  • The final chapter of “GoriPuri” (So soon? I guess it didn’t catch on? It seems like it’s just beginning.)

The February issue of Betsucomi will release on January 13th. Here a LINK to pre-order.

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