• That’s a nice cover @ Kerberos… got some nice assets. Although that other woman is a pretty freaky, must be related to that other girl, dem military experiments no doubt.

    Also, lol @ all those “masochistic” titles, trying to hoard the good ol’ smut are you?

    Lastly, I won’t lie that series with the cat… There’s just something wrong with it’s eyes and all that gives me the creeps.


    • Ah yes, Sakuya and Nayuta… The back cover completes a very nice picture.

      “Masochistic Princess” is unabashedly smutastic! It’s one of those chubby and plain OL who doesn’t know her family is stinking rich to sexy “Princess” through exercise, diet, skin lotion, and generous stimulation of erogenous zones stories. I’m a sucker for pretty covers and since the set was reasonably priced and shipping was charged like one book, I decided to take a chance. I’m pleased with my purchase. It’s a light-hearted, silly story and the artwork is nice. And it takes it’s smuttiness seriously… as in it really made for women and not teenagers.

      The cat series is epic! So many cute animals doing nasty deeds!


      • Oh that’s right! I remember this title now, I’ve read the first chapter more than a year ago from a scan group. Dat ice cube scene!

        I assume it’s going to end predictably in that she’ll end up with the servant.


        • It looks like the end gets kinda serious. She marries some dweeb and the servant man falls ill and is bedridden. It has echos of “Butterflies & Flowers”. But yeah, dat ice cube… “Butterflies and Flowers” was meh IMHO.


          • Well I would expect something like that considering that she’s shopping for a husband. It’s not uncommon for smut to have some form NTR before OTP end. I’ve had a few titles where the girl goes bonkers and shags with a dude ( the rival ) for a whole volume before her brain cells activate again.


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