Highlights from Betsuhana Issue 1/2015

New series “Ochikubo” by Naomi Yamauchi is on the cover of Betsuhana.Sabaku_no_Harem_Chp_4_5_Raw_042I didn’t read the first chapter, but I know the series refers to the story of Ochikubo-hime. Here’s the lovely frontis page:

Sabaku_no_Harem_Chp_4_5_Raw_052The furoku this issue is a “Glass Mask” weekly calender.

Sabaku_no_Harem_Chp_4_5_Raw_043Sabaku_no_Harem_Chp_4_5_Raw_044It’s pretty small and can be easily hung inside a locker or office cubicle.

Sabaku_no_Harem_Chp_4_5_Raw_045Here’s the preview for Hana to Yume Issue 1/2014. The furoku will be the usual All-Star Calendar. There will be three oneshots in the upcoming issue: “Chandra no Tsurugi” (“Chandra’s Sword”) by Airi Fuji (I’m very excited about this one. The preview in the last Hana to Yume looked lovely), “X’mas Liberation” by Sakumaren, and “Umineko Sensei” by Haruka Yusa. “Wagashi no Anne” (“Anne the Confectioner”) is transferring from the now dead Hana to Yume Bunkei Shoujo magazine. And… the 100th chapter of “Akatsuki no Yona” will be in the issue.

Sabaku_no_Harem_Chp_4_5_Raw_046The third chapter of “Itsuka no Haru” (“The Springtime of Itsuka’s Life”) by Shigeyoshi Takagi is out. I’ve been following this series since it started. It’s the story of Daisuke Isuka, a 25-year old man who missed out on high school because he had to work, who decides to go back to high school. His classmate Yui decides to help him have the happy high school life he missed.

Sabaku_no_Harem_Chp_4_5_Raw_047This is a very pleasant age-gap story, so I will continue to follow the series.

Lastly, here are the preview for the next issue of Betsuhana.Sabaku_no_Harem_Chp_4_5_Raw_049Sabaku_no_Harem_Chp_4_5_Raw_050The furoku will be a “Paris no Maisie” (“Maisie of Paris”) Guide Book.

Sabaku_no_Harem_Chp_4_5_Raw_051The release date for Betsuhana issue 2/2015 is December 26th.

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